Many varieties of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics along with their alloys and co-polymers can be employed to get optimum results. Many type of plastics are put in use in the past such as Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chlorides, PTFE, nylons, acrylics, cellulose plastics, and many more. However none of them are truly wear resistant. For metal industry ideal polymer component may be,

Having higher wear resistance than metal
Less abrasive than metal
Should generate minimum frictional heat generation
Higher tear and tensile strengths
Good impact and load bearing properties

Today amongst all plastics best known wear resistant polymers are
1. Polyurethanes
2. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

In metal industry following are the areas where suitable polymers are required
1. Abrasive ore handling pump linings, impellers
2. Conveyors, rollers, idlers, guides and customized parts
3. Applicator /printing rollers
4. Metal forming techniques
5. Uncoiled segments, pads, coil car pads anti skid pads In Rolling Mills.

We offer you to supply following Material:-
1) Pickling Plant system as per layout
2) Scrubbers
3) Acid storage tank
4) ETP Plant-- its pipeline, fume exhaust fan
5) Pickling tanks.
6) All the Rollers such as:-
a) Pinch rollers b) Snubber roller c) Idler roller
7) Coil Car
8) Butt welding station
9) Walking beam pads
10) All support pads

Cast polyurethane elastomer is the ideal choice which can cover all complete needs of a non metal in ferrous/non ferrous industry.
Cast polyurethane elastomers in metal industry demonstrate an example of usage of all varieties and hardnesses starting from 20 Shore for printing rollers to 75 D Shore for high impact/load bearing conveyors

Today there is a very high demand for typical quality such rollers as,

All are constructing new plants; machinery lifted from Australia, china, USA but are looking for consistent supply of rollers of proven quality.
Heavy machinery divisions of L&T, MUKAND, BHEL, GODREJ, and THYSEENKRUPP all are looking for abrasion resistant sleeves, wheels

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