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Quick Release Couplers

Quick release couplings eliminate valve and screw on fittings in many pneumatic, hydraulic and chemical systems. They permit easy, safe, quick and reliable connection between delivery lines pressure hoses and a wide range of equipment. Quick release coupling make connection ( or disconnection) of fluid systems as easy as plugging in a electrical outlet.

Coupling are available in various materials, size and end connections for 29.70 Hg vacuum to 10,000 PSI pressure ratings, in three basic type. Straight through (type ST). One way sealing (type SC) and two way sealing (type DC).

Quick release couplings as ideal for compressed air installations hydraulic equipment, pneumatic instrumentation, fluid transfer line, refrigeration industry, fuel supply installations, fuel oil burners, bulk loading and unloading and test benches etc. In fact whatever your applications, we have a "Quick release” coupling for you needs.

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